SIS Containers: Data Access, Movement and Management Workshop


Accessing, moving and managing data can be a difficult task for our users across ELIXIR. Datasets grow ever larger and more numerous, and simple HTTP becomes less adequate. Some challenges are:

  • How do you give your users download options that won’t overwhelm them with complexity?
  • What do you do when they want to process data on a public cloud, but it’s sitting on their local storage?
  • How do you give them a uniform way of accessing data?
  • How do you make it easier for them to upload their field data to management systems for processing in a secure manner?

These are just a few of the questions that we’ll explore in this workshop. We’ll hear how cutting edge workflow and data management projects such as Galaxy, iRODs and ScienceMesh are tackling these challenges. We’ll see how bioinformatics in Australia provides different tools for different levels of user sophistication. And we’ll talk about how cloud processing and data storage systems  are changing the landscape of data access in science.  After each presentation there will be a short period for Q&A and a longer discussion session at the end.

CS3MESH4EOSC at the event

Pedro Ferreira, from CERN and Technical Coordinator of CS3MESH4EOSC project, will present how ScienceMesh allows user to access, move and manage large datasets in a simpler way.

The event will also count with Guido Aben, from AARNet and also a member of CS3MESH4EOSC, who will do a presentation entitled "Delivering data movement systems that actually lure in users"

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