PIONIER Research & Classroom

Current world events influence the shape and way of thinking about education as never before. We are abandoning traditional forms of teaching in schools, but the dynamic development of new technologies including digital media can be very helpful.

Services used

Data Science Environments

A digital education solution is the PIONIER Research & Classroom project, which offers specialized educational services in the form of a coherent platform – an educational hub. While school facilities are closed until further notice and students are subject to home quarantine, we encourage you to use PIONIER Classroom cloud services, which are free of charge. They allow you to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by e-learning. The only thing you need in this case is an internet browser.

Field of study


The Scientific challenge

Developing competencies in artificial intelligence (AI) among high school teachers and students, primarily in Poland, and now also in a few other European countries.

The Technical challenge

Offering a sophisticated AI e-learning platform for interactive notebooks and file sharing, which allows users to experiment with AI by executing any custom code solely through their web browser, without any additional local dependencies.

The Solution

Jupyter service and EFSS based on Nextcloud, integrated to each other with the "Filesystem for Jupyter" software developed in CS3MESH4EOSC

The scientific, societal, economical and policy impact

Collaborate with more and more country governments, enable digital access for institutions from new countries, train European people for current & future jobs.


Without CS3MESH4EOSC, it was not possible to seamlessly integrate Jupyter with EFSS.


With CS3MESH4EOSC, the integration became feasible.


icons End-users and research communities

End-users can easily collaborate, run projects, build capacity.

icons Policy makers & citizens

Policy makers get well-evaluated and battle-tested solutions to deploy similar initiative for other countries.

Technical implementation

User files are synchronised between Jupyter service and EFSS with the "Filesystem for Jupyter" software