System administrator

System administrators

With reference to the institutional operators of services, their involvement will be medium in terms of engagement activities as the project partners are already contributing to the Science Mesh and the system administrators and service managers are already engaged with the partner institutions.

Software developer

Software developers

Contribute to the integration of new application services,  access new software applications not available on the market and will be allowed to sell this service to their target user communities.



Cross-institutional collaboration on sharing documents and enabling researchers to work, both independently and jointly, by using their domestic data without the need to register on an additional external EFS platform.

Policy makers

Policy makers & citizens

Service enabling digital sovereignty in policy making processes and effectively increasing both open access and human capital.

Service Providers

Service providers

Join the Science Mesh as early adopter, able to build sync & share capabilities through the already existing storage EFSS (Enterprise File Sync&Share) platforms.