On-demand data transfer

High-speed transfer of information from remote locations to local sites across different countries, specifically supporting use-cases not able to extend processing capabilities to remote sites.

On-demand data transfers
This data application is dedicated to the integration of data transfers of large datasets in the Science Mesh, to allow efficient data-based collaboration on on-demand basis -- opposite to 'a priori' planned data processing workflows.

Objective: Users will be able to initiate and handle transfers directly between EFSS services, and also transfers initiated by EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) service but offloaded to a secondary service.
The functionality developed will be integrated into the end-user interfaces (such as the EFSS web interface) and also available via CS3APIs to build CLI tools.


Technology Readiness Level by M1


Technology Readiness Level by M36


Technologies used

  • Rclone 
  • FTS 
  • Rucio.

Use cases

Astronomy (LOFAR).



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