CS3MESH4EOSC provides a Pan-European natively FAIR and GDPR compliant data storage and sharing fabric. Science Mesh, the main asset of the project, provides an interoperable platform to easily sync & share, and deploy applications and software components within the full CS3 community to extend functionalities of the service. 

Science Mesh enables the users to retain control over their remote or domestic datasets, while becoming FAIR compatible and integrated with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) at the same time. Our target stakeholders will be able to directly access the service provided by Science Mesh from easy-to-use interfaces and discover the different functionalities. 

These services are independent from the specific field of work of the researchers, thus enabling to reach a wide audience of stakeholders interested in collaborating for increasing scientific knowledge, coming from both the academia and the research industry.

The added-value for the stakeholders of CS3MESH4EOSC relies on the possibility for them to contribute in developing application plugins or easily set-up federations in their own scope and develop their own activities on top of them.