RiseSMA develops solutions for contemporary challenges for Social Media Analytics (SMA).

Services used

Collaborative Documents Open Data Systems

RiseSMA develops solutions for contemporary challenges for Social Media Analytics (SMA).

Field of study

Social Media, Crisis Communication

The Scientific challenge

Coordinating in the papers that you are working on, Managing social media data (100GB+)

The Technical challenge

Synchronous editing, collaborative citations, using software like Gephi online.
Most people use the web version of applications leading to sync problems.
Continuous switching across online and offline analysis leading to inconvenient uploading and downloading.

The Business challenge

Privacy issues, problem on where to store the data, security configurations can be very restrictive (like cannot delete folders)

The Solution

Tool that makes it easier to collaborate and analyze data online, Enable citation management online,Easier guest accounts and management of admin accounts, much more explicit functionality list, activity feed

The scientific, societal, economical and policy impact

Help people in the crisis situation using social media data, Better understanding of the social media issues in society such as fake news and social bots


Different groups on OwnCloud have to create shared folders but it is difficult to make guest accounts, there is a high reliance on email to send data, currently using other document sharing platforms, but  can be very disorganised and not secure


Easier to collaborate on documents.
Much secure storage of data.


icons End-users and research communities

More efficient research workflows through collaborations, easier to manage visibility of data

icons Institutional operators and services

Less workload if they can give to researchers the authority to manage access

icons Commercial software developers

Increase the use of cloud through new apps

icons Non-commercial software developers

All scientific disciplines nowadays are data-driven, and data analytics play an increasing role in all types of research. Distributed data science environments will enable developers and data scientists to support research in all fields of study, facilitating more effective collaboration between scientific institutions.

icons Policy makers & citizens

Secure data collaborations, easier to share data to other users.

Technical implementation

Integration of Collabora for collaborative document editing and sciebo RDS for future connectors for example for the implementation of citation managers

Contribution to the EOSC

Making it possible to collaborate at office documents is a major step in moving away users from Google Docs

Future developments

Integration of citation management software (in Open Data Systems or Collaborative Documents)