Data Science Environments, What is it and what are the Main Benefits? – 2nd Podcast with Marcin Sieprawski from CS3MESH4EOSC and Software Mind

CS3MESH4EOSC is kicking off its 2nd Podcast episode, entitled “Data Science Environment, What is it and what are the Main Benefits?” This episode is focused on the Data Science Environments, a data service that will be integrated in the Mesh the main assets of the CS3MESH4EOSC project.

How is Science Mesh Unlocking Scientific Collaboration? – A Podcast with Guido Aben from CS3MESH4EOSC and AARNet

CS3MESH4EOSC is kicking off its Podcast series with its very first episode, entitled “Science Mesh - Unlocking Scientific Collaboration Through a Sync and Share Interoperable Platform”, focused on the Science Mesh - a core initiative of the CS3MESH4EOSC project, which is connecting European Data within Europe and beyond.