Welcome to the dedicated section about the Science Mesh Data Services. Browse them to know more about the Data Services, their Technology Readiness Level, the technologies used and the related use cases.


Data Science Environments

With Data Science Environments, users will be able to access remote execution environments to replay (and modify) analysis algorithms without a need to set up upfront accounts in the remote system... Read more

Open Data Systems

With Open Data Systems, users of the EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) services will be able to organise work-data via tagging and metadata assignment, turn a set of work data into a published, referable dataset... Read more

On-demand Data Transfers

With On-deman Data Transfers, users will be able to initiate and handle transfers directly between EFSS services, and also transfers initiated by EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) service but offloaded to a secondary service... Read more

Collaborative Documents

With Collaborative Documents, users will be able to simultaneously edit documents, comment, versioning, etc, in safe, EU-based, cloud environments. Whenever possible, existing connectors will be used for this work... Read more