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Voilà turns Jupyter notebooks into standalone applications without requiring any modification to the content. You want to share your content with non-technical readers? Just call Voilà with the notebook to turn it into a deployable web application and interactive dashboard that allows you to share your work with others. It is secure and customizable, giving you control over what your readers experience. The simplicity of Voilà comes at a cost: the page load time.

Unlike the usual HTML-converted notebooks, each user connecting to the Voilà tornado application gets a dedicated Jupyter kernel which can execute the callbacks to changes in Jupyter interactive widgets.

  • By default, Voilà disallows execute requests from the front-end, preventing execution of arbitrary code.
  • By default, Voilà runs with the strip_source option, which strips out the input cells from the rendered notebook.

QuantStack is one of the main organizations supporting the Jupyter project, an open-source ecosystem of developer tools meant to improve the workflows of scientists and engineers. The QuantStack team is responsible for several major evolutions in the project, such as the JupyterLab visual debugger, and collaborative editing. The team comprises seven core contributors and maintainers the project. We are also behind several popular extensions for data visualization, robotics, and dashboarding.

Voilà has been incorporated as a Jupyter subproject.