TNC23 (ScienceMesh session)


TNC23 will take place in Tirana from 5-9 June 2023 and will be hosted by RASH, the National Research and Education Network of Albania.

Serving all digital generations is a challenge that NRENs must face, from building innovative educational experiences to supporting advanced research projects that have spanned decades. TNC23 will be the perfect opportunity to reflect on how we engage digital generations and to reflect on how we are integrating future generations into our own organisations and infrastructure.

The Emerging NREN Programme aims to integrate individuals from emerging NRENs from around the globe into the TNC community and create further synergies and connections at different organisational levels between European and international NRENs. Its purpose is to bring to TNC NREN staff members who would not be able to participate otherwise, focusing particularly on engineering and technical personnel.


CS3MESH4EOSC is organising a 2-hour session "Science Mesh – Global Platform for Scientific Collaboration”, on 9th June from 9:30 till 12:00. Please find the draft agenda below. The event will also be webstreamed.

The Science Mesh is a federation of distributed but interconnected data storage and sharing services, known as Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services. Data storage, access and synchronisation services based on cloud platforms from different providers, known “as nodes”, are interoperable on the data exchange, federated data sharing and users’ management level. Furthermore, the applications including Data Science, research data management and FAIRification, collaborative documents editing and large data transfers solutions has been made available across the nodes in mesh and EFSS technologies.

Within Science Mesh, the users can easily share and manage data through the familiar interfaces of their institutional EFSS services and collaborate with colleagues from other organisations. Moreover, cross-project and cross-infrastructure data-based collaboration and massive data transfer and exchange are possible.

The Science Mesh services are not specific to any particular research discipline: they address the well-recognised, common needs of a wide array of users (incl. academia and research industries) which are interested in scientific data-based and data-centric collaboration.

In this session, attendees will understand the functionality and technical innovation of the Science Mesh. Additionally, thanks to demonstrations, attendees will become aware how the already-integrated data services have been used to address challenges by real communities. They will also learn how they can join the mesh, contribute their nodes and sites to it and - at their will -  get practical information about joining the mesh.


Session Room: Vienna Room at Rogner Hotel (see more info about the TNC23 venues here)

Session Agenda

Time & Topic Presenter
09:30 Welcome: About CS3MESH4EOSC and Science Mesh Renato Further - Software Engineer at SWITCH

09:45 The Science Mesh & Science Demonstrations (Presentation)

Maciej Brzeźniak - PSNC, Guido Aben - Senior International Strategy Officer at SUNET, Renato Further - Software Engineer at SWITCH
10:30 Coffee Break (served in the foyer and the restaurant of Rogner Hotel) -
11:00 How to join the Science Mesh (Presentation) Guido Aben - Senior International Strategy Officer at SUNET
11:20 Open Discussion with audience All
12:00 END -


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