Too easy and fair enough?


Too easy and fair enough? - Blogpost from Adam Bell (AARNet) for the Digital Preservation Coalition

The role of the Science Mesh is to provide inherently findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) cloud data storage and collaboration tools for researchers. The outcome is for interoperable research workspaces, data movement and management between research organisations. The work package to deliver this FAIR data capability for the Science Mesh is executed by Australian, Polish and German developers, and is project managed by AARNet.

EOSC Symposium 2021


EOSC Symposium 2021

The European Open Science Cloud has finally entered its highly-anticipated implementation phase. The EOSC Symposium will provide a key engagement opportunity for the EOSC community. The foundation of the EOSC Association in 2020 is a key element of the implementation phase (2021-2027). Building on the EOSC SRIA, the Association will establish a number of Advisory Groups and Task Forces by June. These will focus on priority areas as we enter into the implementation phase.

Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World



The conference theme of ECIS 2021 is Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World. After migrants facing environmental, political and economic disasters, the current pandemic is highlighting that crisis can affect all countries and people of all conditions



SciDataCon-IDW Seoul 2021

The theme chosen for this edition is DATA TO IMPROVE OUR WORLD. In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, data have become an important resource that drives science and technology and leads to new discoveries, innovation, and economic growth.

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Datacentre-less cloud for interoperability and no data sovereignty constraints: Cubbit in Science Mesh – An interview with Lorenzo Posani

Cloud computing has been revolutionizing the way small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and companies in general, use IT. SMEs are able to access high-end technology and information at an affordable cost. However, moving your data to the cloud has some associated risks, namely lack of control, privacy and legal risks.

EOSC at RDA VP17 - Open, trusted and digitally enabled science for an International Community


EOSC at RDA VP17 - Open, trusted and digitally enabled science for an International Community

The European Open Science Cloud is a potential game-changer for the sharing and exploitation of data not just in Europe but also globally, benefitting scientific research and helping to address societal challenges across the globe.

Establishing trust between users based on sites federated in the Science Mesh to share resources


Establishing trust between users based on sites federated in the Science Mesh to share resources

The Science Mesh recently published a demonstration of a procedure to establish trust between users from various sites federated in the Science Mesh. It allows the users to share resources such as file and folder access or access to applications. While the demonstration is quite technical, a graphical user interface is not yet available for the functionality - the operations can be performed through a command line interface, as demonstrated in the demo video available below.



CS3MESH4EOSC featured in the issue of CONNECT Magazine, on Uniting European Data Services

The CS3MESH4EOSC project is delighted to announce that an article about the Science Mesh has been published in the last issue of March 2021 of CONNECT magazine!




Researching OIS includes investigating whether, how, and under which conditions applying open and collaborative practices along one or more stages of the scientific research process influences novelty, efficiency and/or impact of scientific research, taking a balanced view that recognizes important contingency factors on the individual, organizational and ecosystem-level.