Providers Days


The EOSC-Core & EOSC Marketplace Provider Days will take place from 26-28 April 2022. During this multi-day online event, service and data providers will get a crash course on how to join, and benefit from, the European Open Science Cloud.

This will be the first in a series of provider-oriented events. Therefore, the agenda will include:

  • an overview of EOSC’s features for providers and ways of becoming an EOSC provider
  • showcases by current EOSC providers from research infrastructures, science clusters, universities or other institutions, SMEs, data repositories
  • training sessions.

Throughout the event, we will collect input from the audience on how to better support current and future EOSC providers.


This online event will target a wide group of service and data providers. We encourage participation from providers who are new to EOSC as well as more seasoned providers who want a refresher on EOSC features for providers and upcoming developments.

Stay tuned! Registration and agenda coming soon…


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