Discover which are our target stakeholders from Academia, Developers and the Industry. Several institutions will join Science Mesh in the upcoming months. Stay up to date, more information on the organisations will be released soon on this page! Academia.

Our scope goes beyond Europe and includes organisations from the US, Asia and Australia. The CS3MESH4EOSC project serves the CS3 Community by supporting previously existing initiatives, such as Open Cloud Mesh or CS3 APIs, as well as incubating new ideas and concepts for the integration of Sync&Share services with data science environments, collaboration and productivity applications, data-research lifecycle, digital repositories and large data transfers.


CS3MESH4EOSC will give organizations the freedom to choose their storage and application providers. In the current fragmented cloud landscape, institutions cannot easily change providers due to vendor lock-in. As these providers have different features and environments, research organizations face high switching costs when they move across providers. Through the interoperability bolstered by CS3MESH4EOSC, institutions can freely choose without compromising on functionality and without the risk of creating disconnected service silos for their users.

CS3MESH4EOSC will empower service managers and site administrators with tools to easily plug in their institution with the rest of the scientific community. Through CS3MESH4EOSC, they will gain a streamlined and well-documented environment for stable service operation at scale. They will benefit from the accumulated knowledge, operational experience and support of a large community.


The added value for software developers relies on the opportunity of being part of the Science Mesh  by contributing to the integration of new application services, thus reducing the need for duplicating efforts over multiple EFSS technology stacks.

Developers will gain the freedom to implement their service strategy without compromising on functionality and creating disconnected service silos for their users.


CS3MESH4EOSC will catalyze the creation of new startups and help the tech industry scale in Europe and beyond. Currently, if a company wishes to deploy their technologies, they must develop with a specific environment in mind.

Through the interoperable layer of CS3MESH4EOSC, these companies will gain the opportunity to extend their current user base and ensure integration with the growing and evolving service ecosystem of the European Open Science Cloud. The tools they develop in collaboration with CS3MESH4EOSC enable them to extend their user base and enter in new markets.