CS3MESH4EOSC 2022 event


CS3 2022 will be held online (24-28 January 2022). The online format of the conference will be as much informative, collaborative and entertaining as the previous virtual edition and all the previous physical editions. We will therefore favour shorter sessions with more opportunities for interactive networking. The final agenda will be compiled once we collect all the contributions.

The main CS3 session will be followed by two additional thematic workshops:

  • OCM workshop
  • ScienceMesh workshop


Science Mesh Workshop

This is a 2nd Science Mesh workshop and a followup from ScienceMesh Workshop at CS3 2021.

Access the detailed agenda page here


  • How to join the Science Mesh federation?
  • New research communities and ESFRI infrastructures (Environmental Studies, Photon and Neutron Science, Humanities and Social Studies, Astrophysics and Particle Physics)
  • Long-term sustainability and interoperability with European Open Science Cloud

Science Mesh is a global collaboration service for researchers, educators, data curators and analysts based on OCM and CS3APIs.

Science Mesh is developed by the EU-funded Horizon 2020 CS3MESH4EOSC project which aims at expanding on the collective experience of the CS3 community and providing a sustainable framework for future technical collaboration within the CS3 community in a larger context of the European Open Science Cloud.

ScienceMesh: An Interoperable Federation of EFFS services for European Open Science Cloud

During the Science Mesh Workshop we will have our coordinator Jakub Moscicki and our Technical Coordinator Pedro Ferreira presenting a summary on the status of the integration with EFSS platforms and outlook for 2022.

ScienceMesh is an interoperable research platform developed for the European Open Science Cloud by the cs3mesh4eosc.eu project.

ScienceMesh enables seamless sharing and collaboration on data between sites running different EFSS platforms (Owncloud, Seafile and Nextcloud).