RDA 18 Virtual Plenary


Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenary events see a global cohort of data professionals meeting to work on international data challenges. During the period from 3 - 11 November, a series of parallel sessions will be organised across different time zones to facilitate participation from across the globe. Working Groups, Interest Groups and Communities of Practice will showcase and advance their work while new areas of collaboration will be presented as Bird of a Feather meetings.

RDA is a unique global community driven initiative working on building the social and technical bridges to enable sharing and re-use of data across all disciplines, technologies and geographical borders. RDA Plenary meetings are held every six months and are exciting and productive events that bring together a unique community of data scientists, librarians, computer scientists, and domain scientists. Plenary meetings are special working events that really help move the data community forward in creating tangible deliverables that improve data sharing and re-use across disciplines, technologies, and countries.


On 10 November 23:00-00:30 UTC, CS3MESH4EOSC will have Guido Aben (AARNeT) has a panelist in the breakout session "Cooperative Innovation Among Resilient Repository Platforms for Open Research Data". He will do a 15min presentation, entitled "Science Mesh: Harmonising Architectures and APIs Across Operators to Reduce Tech Debt and Increase Clout".

The overall goal of this session is to identify directions for improving interactions among data repositories and other service providers that lead to improvements in identifying, nurturing, and adopting new capabilities for improving user experiences and repository resilience.


Official Page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/plenaries/rda-18th-plenary-meeting-virtual