We want to go beyond the general-purpose storage services provided by Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft and others, and provide an interconnected platform suited to the particular needs of researcher and students at European academic institutions. In particular, we focus on sharing and publishing under the FAIR principles and open and reusable data processing and analysis chains. Check below which are the data services that will be provided by the Science Mesh.

Data Science Environments: accessible via the web interface at the remote sites of researchers to enable them to work on algorithms and data processing programs interactively.

Open Data Systems: users will be able to add metadata and publish datasets with persistent identifiers directly on the Science Mesh sites or to external data repositories.

Collaborative Documents: in real-time with      multiple contents and with data shared in different folders, enabling the user to track their contents.

On demand large dataset transfer: high-speed transfer of information from remote locations to local sites across different countries, specifically supporting use-cases not able to extend processing capabilities to remote sites.

Cross-domain data sharing: secure cross-institutional sharing and synchronization of files and directories.