Data Science Summit 2022


Data Science Summit is the largest and oldest independent data science conference in the CEE region. It has been held every year since 2017 and the last edition attracted nearly 2.500 participants. This year, we are meeting for the sixth time to share knowledge in topics ranging from analysis and processing (including big data), implementation issues to visualisation (BI) and management topics.

CS3MESH4EOSC at the event

Marcin Sieprawski, Head of Big Data Lab at SoftwareMind (partner of CS3MESH4EOSC project), will have a talk at the event, entitled "ScienceMesh + JupyterLab: How collaborative data science helps CERN analyse data from Large Hadron Collider". Marcin will present one the CS3MESH4EOSC use-case being developed jointly with CERN, entitled "High Energy Physics".

Event official webpage: