A key result will be ScienceMesh - a mesh of connected data services for research and education.

This will encompass:

  • using, promoting and contributing to developing APIs for server-to-server file-sharing
  • using, promoting and contributing to developing APIs for applications and file-service interoperability
  • implementing and deploying both set of APIs at core sites in the form of site services
  • creating services/functionality for seamless user selection and group creation across sites/services
  • creating services/functionality for metadata and seamless data publishing, searching and archiving


Once created, the next key steps will be:

  • engaging with research communities and creating data-centric applications for selected scientific use cases
  • engaging with additional service providers and extending ScienceMesh into a pan-europan service, reaching users across the continent
  • engaging with industry players to further extend the reach and use of the infrastructure

Social physics

The data explosion is real. CS3MESH4EOSC will create technology to handle it. Image credit: Andy Lamb


HEP collision

Engaging with scientific communities is a key activity of CS3MESH4EOSC. Getty Images

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