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Attempt at visualising ScienceMesh

Posted by Frederik Orellana on 18 February 2020

Visualisation of ScienceMesh

One question we get a lot is: What exactly do you mean by a mesh?

It is expected to be major outcome of our project, so the question needs a clear answer - and this is exactly what an upcoming deliverablea of WP2 and WP3 will do.

So, stay tuned for the gory details.

Until then, I've sketched the above high-level visualisation. The main points are:

  • ScienceMesh will be made up of an ever-expanding set of data services across Europe and beyond - starting with our 7 core storage services
  • Scientists, collaborators, enterprise - all will be serviced by their home core storage service
  • The data they collaborate on will live on the home core storage service of the data-owner
  • Connected services will allow rich workflows - supporting all stages in research work, from data collection to publication and archival
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