Meet CS3MESH4EOSC in Copenhagen news

The yearly CS3 conference is being held in Copenhagen on Monday, January 27

Posted by Cecilie Maagaard Winther on 22 January 2020

Conference dinner venue: Banquet hall of the Worker's Museum.

The CS3 Concerence is welcoming guests and speakers from across Europe and the world with a packed program, starting with a thought-provoking keynote titled "May we please store your personal data?" by Michiel De Jong.

In particular, this year's conference is a chance for the greater community to meet and help shape the CS3MESH4EOSC project. Meet us at the track Meet CS3MESH - immediately following the opening keynote.

The venue is Copenhagen University at the Centre for Health and Society - in the heart of Copenhagen - in the old municipal hospital.


Monday evening, networking and discussions will proceed in more informal settings - close by, in the The Workers Museum.

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